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Hello.  Thank you for taking time to read my biog.
I am an artist in awe of this strange planet and like many, I often find myself wrestling with (and drawn to) the polarised nature in which humanity expresses itself.
I rarely have a particular artistic medium in mind, or how I will communicate my endeavours, but I hope I am always open to the possibilities of how each artwork 'desires' to be represented and in turn, I am led accordingly.  I place a high degree of importance on inner and outer integrity, authenticity and sustainability.
At present, sculptural form is foremost in my desire to express.  I tend to have, what might be described as, esoteric-leanings.  In that I take a meditative approach to making art.  A silent and steady endeavour that moves my interests beyond an intellectual understanding of created form, into the simplicity and mystery of pictorial-metaphor (honest, it's a thing). 

Formerly a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator. In 2012 I returned to full time education to study as a Craft Maker (metal/silversmithing and fine art printing) in a bid to give 100% to my art practice. This culminated in an honours degree in Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art.  My practice endeavours to give substance to philosophical and psychological constructs, through the beauty of craft and to bring some substance to the deeper concepts that underpin metaphor, allegory and a life of meaning.

I previously worked for many years as a free-lance ‘Creative Advisor’ with experience in Design, Illustration, Photography and Print, specialising in Creative Project Management.  To add insult to injury, I have also found myself emulating a military policeman, social worker, sound engineer and school janitor - suffice to say, practice does not make perfect ;) 

Other works (not included on this website) along with updates on current creative  projects, can be found on my instagram feed (please click on icon below)
A C.V. detailing Design & Project Management experience, is also available on request. 

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